Jimbo's Diner & Restaurant

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GayCities Members report that Jimbo's Diner & Restaurant has closed
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    • JimmyC
      JimmyC Over a year ago

      Jimbo's is now Monarca'
      After 30 years, Jimbo's owners decided it was time to bow out of the restaurant business. It was a good run. It has been bought and extensively remodeled by Monarca's Authentic Mexican Cuisine. I clearly disagree with the adjective of "Authentic". It would shame true Mexican Cuisine and have food experts such as Diana Kenney and Rick Bayless laughing. However - if you want a "fancier" Tex-Mex in very nice surrounding, it is OK. Try to stick to the usual fare. The guacamole is fine, the table salsa, generally takes a few drops of hot sauce for added flavor, stay away from more expensive dishes like Camarones a Mojo d Ajo. (Shrimp with garlic which is delicious when prepared correctly. ) At Monarca's the garlic is the pre-fab variety coming already minced. The process for this creates such an off medicinal flavor that you wish the shrimp had not been wasted on it. Stick with enchiladas, tacos, burritos which actually can be quite tasty. I would stay away from the nachos unfortunately. I warned one dinner guest but it was ordered anyway. His comment - I wish I had stayed away from the nachos. Large does not mean good. Yes there is a huge plate of chips, coated with the most pasty globs of non-Mexican cheese that you never wanted to have. There desserts are not bad at all, but rarely will you find room for one.

    • hotfldad
      hotfldad Over a year ago
      Loves it

      consistently good food
      Consistently good, affordable and friendly!